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Tall blue and grey crystalline glazed vase
Narrow Necked Blue and Amber Crystalline
Organic Green Crystalline Vase

Crystalline glazes are made and fired in such a way that natural crystals form in the surface of the glaze. The shape and size of the crystals are determined by the temperature in the kiln and the constituents of the glaze. The crystals are not produced artificially as a decorative painted addition, but are natural crystal formations that grow during the firing process.


The natural crystal formation on every pot is therefore entirely unique, rather like a fingerprint, and is dependant entirely on how the crystals seed and then grow in the glaze as it’s fired in the kiln.


So, crystalline glazed ceramics produce stunning individual pieces of ceramic art that are completely unique and very different from the glazes used in traditional pottery. The technique is difficult, time consuming and at times frustrating, which explains the rarity of this type of pottery, but at Herries Pottery we are totally committed to producing unique pieces of crystalline ceramics that people will love and treasure.

Blue Crystalline Bowl
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