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Rounded vase with gold crystalline vase
Tall narrow necked crystalline vase in blue and grey
stunning blue crystalline moon jar vase
Handmade at Herries
Pat Geentys hand throwing a pot
Pat Geenty throwing
Pat Geenty pugging clay

Wheel thrown, crystalline glazed.

I make hand thrown, crystalline glazed porcelain, focusing on large bowls and vases, the shape of which compliment the jewel like quality of the crystalline glaze. I enjoy creating large, bold, forms that are functional, using traditional Greek, Etruscan and Roman pottery as a source of inspiration. The crystalline glazes I use add to the individuality and uniqueness of each piece, created by the crystal formation in the molten glaze. The glazes are unpredictable and mesmerising,  creating differing combinations of shape and colour at every firing.

I was trained as a potter at Prinknash Abbey in Gloucestershire where I completed a three year ‘throwing' apprenticeship, before attending St Pauls College in Cheltenham, followed by several years teaching ceramics. I then took a different path, spending 34 years in the Police service. During that demanding career I continued with my love of ceramics, developing my throwing and ceramic skills from a small workshop. When I retired I was able to return full time to ceramics specializing in crystalline.


My studio is in Farthingstone Northamptonshire a beautiful part of the world.


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